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Near Quimper, prefecture of Finistere, at a quarter of an hour of beaches, LA MAISON DE LOUISON nests in the heart of 14 hectares of wood and meadows, in a protected domain.

Enter. You are the welcome.

LA MAISON DE LOUISON is your country house. In a detail : you have nothing to make. Be allowed to live in your haven of peace, between ground and sea.

La Maison de louison

LA MAISON DE LOUISON awaits you for a moment of Charm. The beams and the floor creak,but if the house is 1861, you will find all the modern comfort. The rooms are ready, you just have to slip into bed socket, and sleep in perfect serenity that no noice will disturb.


the time to live in the Maison de Louison

On waking, un copieux the breakfast is served with unlimited time in the dinning room, in the garden,or in your room. We like our guests to do a lie...


relaxation in the maison de louison

Walk in the woods, ride bike, excursions, sports or beach...our ideal location allows you to enjoy all yours pleasures.

a walk in the estate will delight you. The walk was tiring? Beach chairs await you,scattered throughout the garden. Choose your place and let go to a sweet nap.

rejoice, LA MAISON DE LOUISON is at a quarter of an hour of beaches. You can choose between the small port of Sainte-Marine, and Combrit's beach, the seaside resort Bénodet, those Beig-Meil, Cap-Coz or Kerleven, or beach Mousterlin wildest...

The sea sports, but also golf (golf de Cornouaille, golf de l'Odet), numerous hiking trails and horseback riding are waiting for you!

You choose excursions to Locronan, Concarneau, Pont l'Abbé, Le Guilvinec, Audierne, Douarnenez, La Pointe du Raz, The Glénans, without forgetting Quimper. Our region is so rich in heritage that you will extend your stay.


dinner in the maison de louison

After a day so rich, what better than a good dinner? We are just waiting for you to eat. We offer quality cooking with fresh products from aroud Britain. In LA MAISON DE LOUISON, no pretension. The GUEST TABLE is made of seafood, fish but tasty dishes, it is the kitchen of GRAND-MA.

Dinner extends the fireside in a cozy...


quiet & serenity in the maison de louison

Then you reach your room. But nothing forces you to sleep right away. How about a good movie? We can lend you watch movies on a plasma screen. Each of our rooms is equipped ; you have also WIFI in each room.

Finally you fall asleep. What's better than quality bedding, bed linen neat and quiet places for a perfect sleep? Sleep peacefully. Nothing Press. Tomorrow you have an appointment with another day of relaxation, well being and pleasure.

LA MAISON DE LOUISON is your House Campaign!







Guest house, bed and breakfast in Quimper, France, Brittany, Finistere ; near beach of Benodet, Mousterlin, Combrit Sainte Marine, between Brest and Lorient ; near Concarneau, Pont-Aven, Douarnenez, Locronan, Audierne, la pointe de Raz. Accommodation in charming guesthouse Brittany, B and B. La Maison de Louison, lieu-dit Le Castel, 29500 Ergué-Gabéric. T : 02 98 66 75 56. Email : lamaisondelouison@free.fr Site : www.lamaisondelouison.com